Leadership Development

Leadership is about Behaviour first and Skills second. Top-notch leaders are followed because people trust and respect them rather than their skills or even position. Leadership is different to management. It is important to recognise that management relies on planning, organisational and communications skills, whilst Leadership relies more on personal qualities like integrity, honesty, humility, courage, commitment, sincerity, passion, confidence, positivity, wisdom, determination, compassion, sensitivity and personal charm.

When Leadership works well, people can easily connect personal aims, expectations and activities to the philosophies of their leader and their organisation. These philosophies need to provide reference points for employees’ decisions and actions and is an increasingly significant factor in today’s empowered organisations. We take all these factors into account and ensure that our Leadership Development programmes:

  • Enhance the quality of individuals and their organisations
  • Focus on the abilities, behaviours, emotions and values of individuals
  • Take into account an individual’s workplace preference behaviour
  • Ensure that the Emotional Quotient is a critical component
  • Does not confuse Leadership with Management
  • Recognise that it is vital for organisational success because employees (and organisations) depend on effective leaders

Why our Leadership Development?

  • Identifies and measures leadership qualities in people
  • Matches personal qualities against organisational requirements
  • Supports and guides individuals through their development
  • Integrates behavioural profiling to assess work-style preferences, emotional intelligence & aptitude and ability
  • Defines individual leadership qualities for delivering operational plans
  • Establishes a framework for on-going personal development

Return on Investment

  • Enhanced morale, motivation and productivity
  • Clients have the right leaders in place so that business goals are met
  • The real cost of not developing leaders is often left unmeasured
  • Our solutions provide on-going effectiveness and efficiencies

Results and outcomes

  • Improved productivity, performance and profit
  • Increased management effectiveness
  • Improved self awareness of individuals and groups
  • Effective leadership and succession planning enabled
  • Structure to enable repeatable and consistent development

Client comments include:

“I would recommend the leadership programme for senior managers, it certainly helped us.”
Dr Thomas Mikel, HR Director Europe, Mentor Graphics Corporation

“Excellent people who truly understand their subject and provided Sales Training across Europe for all our teams.”
Joris Joncer, Vice President – Sales and Marketing, KPN-Qwest

“Perfect ratio of practical discussions to theory.” John Webb, MD, Dynamyx