Behavioural Profiling

We partner with global assessment market leader Thomas International for behavioural profiling. We are trained and formally certified by them in using their assessment instruments. The major reasons we use Thomas’ assessments are that they firstly meet the British Psychological Society’s validation requirements and secondly that they are widely used and generally considered to be “best in class”.

As practitioners, we are equally capable in providing feedback on individual assessments to candidates as well as being able to integrate the content from multiple assessment reports into our sales coaching, sales performance and leadership development programmes.

We use the following Personality and Behavioural assessments from Thomas International for our clients:

“I couldn’t believe how accurate and valuable my profile was, I’d recommend this to every business owner.”
Warren Cass, Managing Director, Business Scene

“The results of the profiling provided a fantastic insight on behaviours and the importance of being self-aware.”
Tim Neil, Senior Business Development Manager, Santander

“We have made it our policy to test all new recruits with PPA and GIA assessments.”
Stephen Williams, Founder and CEO, Antique Wine Company