Business Coaching

Business is about using your passion, competence and application to generate the success you desire. Wherever your drive comes from, the ability to generate results dictates your success and what you get out of what you put in. Being in business is about results. How well you understand that fact is usually synonymous with the success you enjoy.

Our Business Coaching programmes and interventions ensure that business executives remain focussed on their goals as well as comprehending how to apply the critical processes required for achieving successful outcomes across all operations of the business.

Getting to the top and staying at the top is a tough game. We all understand that the loneliest place in a business is the top slot. Much of our research across the last two decades confirms that external support is essential for business leaders because they typically remain inadequately challenged by subordinates in the workplace.

Nearly all founder/owner led organisations operate as “Kingdoms” where the “king/queen is always right”. This is not a negative attribute because growing organisations need the drive, knowledge, networks and financial support that business founders/owners provide. An unfortunate by-product of this style of leadership is that subordinates struggle to have an even footing and often hold back on speaking their minds openly.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders benefit from being challenged in their thinking to ensure that their objectivity remains paramount. Our Coaching programmes provide timely support and guidance to ensure that leaders remain on course as well as being in control of their business operationsby involving their teams in problem solving.

Why our Business Coaching?

  • Identifies and measures business goals and targets
  • Matches people against organisational requirements
  • Supports and guides business leaders through development
  • Integrates behavioural profiling to assess work-style preferences, emotional intelligence & aptitude and ability
  • Defines business leadership qualities for delivering operational plans
  • Establishes a framework for on-going development

Return on Investment

  • Business goals are communicated, shared and met
  • Enhanced morale, motivation and productivity across the whole business
  • Our solutions provide on-going effectiveness and efficiencies
  • A platform for future business planning and growth

Results and outcomes

  • Improved productivity, performance and profit
  • Increased management effectiveness
  • Improved awareness of individuals and groups
  • Effective leadership and succession planning enabled
  • Structure to enable repeatable and consistent development

Client comments include:

“I felt we needed a fresh approach. It worked for us!”
David Butcher, MD, Quantica plc

“Sometimes the management of the company is a great place to start Coaching!”
Alan Craig, Director, Bright Purple

“The business coaching made a real contribution to our measures for ROI”
Chris Walters, Sales Manager, Verizon