Classroom Training

Our Classroom Sales Training programmes are content rich and combine a delicate balance of techniques with exercises to ensure delegates gain the maximum benefit from attending. Our most popular sales training courses are below with some delegate comments.

Close More Sales – 1 day programme

Your ability to Close Sales is the most important single factor that determines your success. Whether you have a product that you believe has a market or you are an expert selling services, the only way you will succeed is if you close the opportunities that come your way. If you don’t, then your product or expertise has limited tangible value and price is immaterial. On the other hand if you are already successful, your next challenge is growth, which will come through closing ever more sales.

Even highly experienced sales people sometimes hit difficulties when closing sales, but what makes those people successful in the first place and eventually gets them back on track, is their knowledge of managing sales processes and buyers to personal advantage. That’s what “Close More Sales!” is all about.  It’s easy and has a lasting significance but only when you have been taught how to do it properly.

“Excellent course, extremely useful and I will definitely benefit from it.”  Paul Waters, Sales Manager, Multitone plc

“Good course that helped me remember the stuff I learnt years ago but haven’t been using.” Robert Dykstra, Managing Director, Octavian Online

Great fun and very useful in preparing me in meeting my sales target.” John Nance, Account Manager, Syntellect

“Well pitched and I’m leaving the course with a really positive feeling.” Sean Clouter, Sales Executive, Multitone plc


Selling Solutions Successfully – 1 day programme

In sales, everyone talks about making value propositions and selling solutions, but in truth many salespeople still rely on tactical selling of product/service features, while heavily competing on price. Higher value sales, larger margins and longer lasting customer relationships are prizes to be gained by moving up the value chain and positioning sales propositions that prove their value to the customer.

We work with you to educate, train and reinforce the principles of good selling with your sales force to ensure they are not just order takers but efficient corporate salespeople, who sell solutions not just products.

“The lecturer’s understanding of the subject and delivery are fantastic.”  Paul Dowles, Senior Account Manager, Viatel

“Thank you for making a complex subject simple to understand and easy to implement.” Mark Cox, Director, Tata Communications

“I didn’t believe how much I learnt in a day.” Jo Alax, Owner, Xcomm

“I listened all day, now that’s unusual for me!” Roger Longshaw, Parity plc


Sales Awareness – 2 x 1 day programmes

Understanding sales disciplines and techniques is a subject that is often overlooked by people in the belief that it is unimportant. When we work in sales teams we are invariably seen by clients as “sales people” whether we have a sales background and motivation or not. All touches with the client are contributory factors to winning new, and in particular, repeat business. Everyone needs the right mindset in a sales team.

Knowing how to maximise your potential in transactional environment is a key component to the overall sales objective. This course examines the interactions between Buyers and Sellers, how building relationships is critical to success and trains people to think mainly from a commercial perspective. The blend of practical exercises ensure that delegates understand the theory and have ample opportunity put it into practice.

This course particularly suits people who are members of sales teams in organisations where selling is not their major function. The course is also aimed at people who predominately work for themselves selling either products and their own expertise as services.

“I feel I can make a real contribution in selling our services to clients.” Frank Overman, Finance Director OCF plc

“There is a great deal more to sales than meets the eye. I now have a clear view of how to manage my sales without leaving it to chance.” Nicole Bachmann, Director – Brook and Mann

“The practical exercises really hit home with me to show me the value of preparing for sales calls and how to integrate the Sales Cycle.” Ailsa McKnight, Managing Director – Code Red Consultancy