Sales Coaching

Even the most experienced sales people constantly need to stay at the top of their game. Being the best and remaining ahead of the pack needs dedication, application and just as importantly access to expertise you can count on to maximise your performance. Our Sales Coaching is structured to measure and prove Learning and Performance Improvement. Our wealth of practical experience ensures sales coaching brings out the best in your sales staff and ensures they have the ability to deliver their sales targets by:

      • Enhancing morale, motivation and productivity
      • Meeting both organisational goals and the objectives of individuals
      • Ensuring individuals have the capacity to optimise their performance
      • Providing a framework for increased employee engagement
      • Enabling people to focus on their specific requirements and as a result feeling more valued leading to reduced staff turnover

Why our Sales Coaching?

      • Objective assessments define relevant strengths, motivators, values and emotions of candidates, using powerful tools and techniques
      • Our coaching ensures measurable and sustainable improvements in performance and lays a framework for on-going development
      • We integrate behavioural profiling to assess people’s work-style preferences, emotional intelligence & aptitude and ability
      • Coaching programmes are typically 3-6 months and coupled with regular reporting to the Sponsor

Return on Investment

      • Coaching has a proven positive impact on profitability
      • Key mechanism for transferring learning from training courses to the workplace
      • 80% of companies in the UK cite tangible benefits to both individuals & organisations

Results and Outcomes

      • Coaching helps organisation’s meet their business objectives
      • Improvements in productivity and performance increase profit
      • Enhanced motivation and staff engagement
      • Improved self-awareness of individuals and groups
      • Coaching helps businesses gain competitive advantage through improved performance

Client comments include:

“We introduced sales coaching at a stage when we were stagnating in sales!”
Joe Edwards, Director, Cable and Wireless

“My staff and I have been delighted with the coaching that we have set up. The real measure is their enthusiasm.”
Alison White, Sales Manager, Livingston (UK) Ltd

“The best thing about working with SOCA is the level of feedback I get.”
Viv Morris, Sales Manager, Viatel Group

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