Selected Client Testimonials

Since being founded in 1998, SOCA Management Consultants have prompted the following comments from satisfied clients:

“My staff and I have been delighted with the coaching we set up. The real payback is their renewed enthusiasm.”
Alison White, Sales Manager, Livingston

“We are highly satisfied with the partnership with SOCA. They helped us with our Sales Compensation Planning requirements.”
Joe Edwards, Sales Director, Cap Gemini

“There is a great deal more to Sales than meets the eye and I now have a clearer view of how to manage my sales without leaving it to chance.” Nicole Bachmann, Director – Brook and Mann

“Great people to work with. Really quick to understand your people issues and the Sales needs of the business.”
David Smyth, HR Director, Vodafone

“The best thing about working with SOCA is the level of feedback I get.” Viv Morris, Sales Manager, Viatel

“We’ve made it policy to test all sales candidates using the SSQ, our clients see the difference and appreciate the time saved” Alan Craig – Director, Bright Purple